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Keystone Higher Education News: coronavirus & higher education

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How to Communicate Changes Due to COVID

The current generation of incoming college students are experts at filtering out irrelevant and inauthentic information. From a young age, they have been hit with advertisements..

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Why do more students want flexibility in their studies?

What is the one thing that most teenagers and young adults have in common in this generation? Well, today's students live in a time where they are enabled to choose from a variety..

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Why 2021 Is The Perfect Year to Promote Summer School

Summer 2021 is almost here, and with it brings the promise of the world slowly beginning to open again. While we move closer to achieving safety for most of the global population..

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Assisting Students With Funding & Tuition During COVID

COVID-19 did more than stop the world a year ago, it also threw the economy into a freefall. Suddenly, many found themselves unemployed, without means to pay for life’s..

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Ed Professionals

Looking back at 2020, it goes without saying that the word "challenge" took on a whole new meaning. In higher education, what does this mean for the professionals who have managed..

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