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WhatsApp, IM or Email - The Importance of Personalized Communication

Whether your prospects want to be 'WhatsApped', emailed, called or IM-ed, highly personalized communication is a game-changer when it comes to turning your prospective students..

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Utilizing Data to Improve the Student Journey

Every university wants to know what can be done to improve the student journey. Fortunately, there’s a relatively easy answer to this age-old question: utilize data.   Nowadays,..

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How to Create Authentic & Organic Connections with Students

Building authentic connections with students on campus can help foster a more welcoming, inclusive environment where students are encouraged to grow. Several studies have shown..

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Building Your Best Enrollment Marketing Funnel

Whether or not you have an “A” rating or made this year’s “Top 10” list, your admissions office needs to use best practices when analyzing your enrollment marketing funnel. We..

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Confusing Requirements? How to Ease the Student Journey

If there is one thing that students are often confused by in their educational experience, it's testing requirements and grading processes. While many educators vary in their..

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How Student Motivations Should Alter Your College Marketing Strategies

Going to college has always represented opening your horizons regarding future opportunities and career fields usually reserved for college graduates. Today, when many businesses..

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