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Why do more students want flexibility in their studies?

What is the one thing that most teenagers and young adults have in common in this generation? Well, today's students live in a time where they are enabled to choose from a variety..

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What Does Brexit Mean for European Higher Education?

Brexit will have a pervasive impact on society in the UK and the EU. Higher education won’t be immune from its repercussions. While we can’t yet begin to comprehend exactly how..

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The State of Higher Education

In March 2020, the world came to a screeching halt. As COVID-19 swept across the globe, universities scrambled to figure out the next steps to keep students on track with their..

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Keystone Academic Solutions acquires FindAUniversity

Expanded Search Options for Students and Enhanced Student Reach and Insights for Higher Ed Institutions

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The Initial Impact of the Biden Administration on Higher Ed

Embracing differences and cultivating a community that looks more like America. That was President Joseph R. Biden’s promise on the 2020 campaign trail, and early into his..

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The Future of the Erasmus+ Programme

More than 10 million people have participated in Erasmus+ (and its predecessors) over the past three decades. The European Union's flagship program designed to support and..

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