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Keystone Higher Education News: Marketing Automation

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5 Ways to Enhance College Recruitment Efforts

Since the dawn of the Internet, the role of a college admissions professional has significantly changed. Of course, prospective student recruiters have always worn many hats...

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CRMs for Higher Education: How does it work?

Many higher education institutions have transitioned from legacy IT systems to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, to improve and streamline communications with..

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Optimize Your Keystone Profile

Whether you've chosen Keystone to promote your institution globally or boost your student recruitment, we're excited and ready to help you on this journey! Let's make your profile..

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An introduction to OPX

Within the last academic year, the way we participate in higher education has shifted significantly. In the past, most of universities held courses in person, with students..

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What is Geo-targeting?

If you’re looking for the best way to reach new audiences or attract students from specific geographic regions, it might be time to consider geo-targeting. There’s plenty of time..

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Evaluating Your Higher Ed Marketing Mix

Having a unique brand identity is one of the most essential ways to get your organization or business to stand out from the crowd, and be remembered. Iconic brands with excellent,..

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