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Keystone Higher Education News: Student Recruitment

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6 Trends in Student Recruitment

In recent years, the way students research and communicate with prospective universities has constantly changed and evolved, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. We examine..

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How warm are your student leads?

Getting a strong and diverse range of student leads can help your institution grow in ways you never expected.   In any business, a strong range of leads will often determine..

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How to Create Authentic & Organic Connections with Students

Building authentic connections with students on campus can help foster a more welcoming, inclusive environment where students are encouraged to grow. Several studies have shown..

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Recruit. Enroll. Thrive

Get a head start on your 2022 student recruitment 

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International Students: How to Attract More European Students

Some students have a good idea of where they want to study abroad in mind when they begin looking. Other students don’t.   There are lots of reasons why a student might want to..

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How Tech Can Transform Your Student Recruitment

As the world of student recruitment continues to expand, so do the offerings for ways to connect with students. Perhaps most notably are the many offerings of various ed tech..

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