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Keystone Higher Education News: Student Tips

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5 Tips for Converting Student Prospects

One of the many challenges universities have always faced is converting student prospects into applicants or enrollments. As the world goes increasingly digital, lead generation..

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How warm are your student leads?

Getting a strong and diverse range of student leads can help your institution grow in ways you never expected.   In any business, a strong range of leads will often determine..

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Supporting Indecisive Students

Prospective students and their families begin the journey of researching different universities and programs very early in the process.

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Preparing Students for Freelance Career Path

The workforce is changing rapidly in the digital, pandemic-driven age.   The job economy that students once graduated to has changed significantly in the last couple of years, and..

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How Universities Can Better Welcome Neurodiverse Students

Neurodiversity refers to variations in mental function that may make it difficult to learn or interact under traditional expectations. Schools and universities can and should make..

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Confusing Requirements? How to Ease the Student Journey

If there is one thing that students are often confused by in their educational experience, it's testing requirements and grading processes. While many educators vary in their..

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