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Supporting Indecisive Students

Prospective students and their families begin the journey of researching different universities and programs very early in the process.

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International Students: How to Attract More European Students

Some students have a good idea of where they want to study abroad in mind when they begin looking. Other students don’t.   There are lots of reasons why a student might want to..

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How to Communicate Changes Due to COVID

The current generation of incoming college students are experts at filtering out irrelevant and inauthentic information. From a young age, they have been hit with advertisements..

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Why do more students want flexibility in their studies?

What is the one thing that most teenagers and young adults have in common in this generation? Well, today's students live in a time where they are enabled to choose from a variety..

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How To Win Students' Attention During Their Gap Year

For many high school students today, it is common to take a "gap year" prior to commencing higher education. While the gap year is a time for discovery and new experiences, it is..

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